Joy was great, she made herself available to do my reading, which was very kind of her. During the reading she was patient, and provided clarity when I did not understand. I can highly recommend a reading from her.

Joy was available and easy to book with. She is always very pleasant, super easy to talk to, communicative, and most importantly, accurate. I will keep coming to her in the future for all of my spiritual questions.

She was very patient with the technical difficulties I was having with my Skype account, and she gave me a full reading, which was spot on and even brought me to tears. I highly recommend her and will be coming back to her in the future!

Joy is truly gifted and great with your readings. She's really knowledgeable and explains the messages very well. While sometimes were tough to hear, they were very insightful and helpful. cannot wait for the next readings in the near future. I would definitely recommend her.

My reading was insightful and the cards chosen were works of art and questions were answered with care and concern. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Such a great reading!. I'm glad I did it. Very accurate and helped bring clarity and piece of mind to some of my situations. I liked that I got some valuable actionable take aways. Thank you!

Joy was very thorough in her readings regarding my relationship. I've had some fears of mine not only addressed but also how to approach them in order to heal myself. she helped me to have an understanding of where both my partner and I are in our strengths and weaknesses. It's so helpful to me to have this knowledge so that I can move forward and progress in this union. I So appreciate Joy's relentless willingness to help me.

So grateful for your insightful and tuned in empathetic reading. Has really served me. So glad I took notes and highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for healing and answers to questions at this dynamic time!

I had a reading with Joy this morning and she was very accurate about my past relationship and gave me the clarity I needed in order for me to move forward. Thank you Joy, you're very gifted.

Today was my first reading with Joy, I have to say I was and still am very impressed with the reading she gave me. She totally confirmed what my soul has know deep down, the readings was 100% accurate and I definitely will be doing more in the future xoxo.

Joy has given me much insight on my soul's mission and how I can act accordingly. My angel guides gave me assurance through the cards, that a counselling/energy healing field would be best for me. Joy is very accurate and took the needed time to complete my personal reading. I had additional questions which worked on and I feel relieved and have more positive energy now.

Joy has done it once again! Her reading are on pint and accurate. This past reading she said things that had to be said even if I did not want to hear it. the reading is exactly what I needed. I'll be getting another reading from her in the future.

I don't know how you do it, you are scarily accurate in your readings, and all the way from the other side of the world. i highly recommend you to anyone and will definitely get another one in the future. Thank you.

I had a reading with Joy because I felt that I need support. She really felt my energy very well and gived me the answers I need. She is professional very kind and helpful you have to try it was nice to talk to her. She help me a lot. Thank you Joy:) Sure I'll get another reading soon:)

I came across Joy's page several weeks ago and felt drawn to her posts. felling like a need some guidance. I got a reading from her and she was very helpful and responsive. I appreciate her patience and helpfulness from explaining things to working around the challenges. I would highly recommend getting a reading from her. Her reading felt natural and supportive. Can't wait to get another reading soon!

I just read it and am grateful to you! One line particular really spoke to me and I am now ready to GO!!

Thank you, the reading gave me peace and definitely help me open up to him. Blessings to you.

WOW Joy..what an ACCURATE READING..the cards are exactly the situation and gives me clarity on why...thank you for being an amazing messenger...bless you always..

Thanks! Great insight. So funny you picked up on inner child healing. I am literally going through that now. And how we have different communications styles. I was just talking about this yesterday.

Thank you so much Joy! This was an insightful and accurate reading. Very straightforward and clear. Got my answer! Blessings!!

I won a free reading from celestialtarot111 for 1 questions. the reading I received fit my situation very well and confirmed that I am on the right path.

I have been loving all her posts and then I won a COMPLEMENTARY reading from celestialtarot1111 and she not only shed light on a situation for me but she also shared her cards she pulled for me which further helped me with some clarifications.

The reading really resonated with me and confirmed the guidance I had received before. I found it very helpful and accurate.