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Hey Dear. So exciting that you wish to book a Reading with me. It is very simple. People come for Readings for a variety of reason. They are looking for clarity, perspective, truth and guidance in different areas of their lives. You might have many questions in your mind already, or you might just be feeling confused. You might know that you need some guidance even though you are not sure of exactly what guidance you need. It is all very normal and you do not need to have any particular questions. If you intuitively feel you should get a Reading - go for it! You are thinking about it for a reason. A Taror Reading is basically an energy reading of you and your thoughts, emotions, intentions, challenges, dreams, relationships and so on. And it provides clarity in regards to your direction and how you can align with your soul.If you desire a reading Go to BOOK NOW and choose either a Video Call through Instagram or an Email Reading. I do recommend a Video Call because the communication is more straightforward. Follow the steps; you will be able to choose the time that suits you in the calendar and make the payment via Paypal. If you have questions in regards to booking a Reading you can DM me in Instagram. Thank you for your interest and See you soon!


A Tarot Reading is about you and your life so the content will vary and it might contain a lot of different topics depending on what is important for you to know at the moment. It is all guided by spirit. You can book any type of Reading. I do all type of Readings. Either through a Video Call on Instagram or Email. The most popular themes are General Readings, Healing and Health Readings, Career Readings and Love/Relationships/Soulmate/Twin Flame Reading. You do not need to know what type of Reading to get. Nor have any particular questions. Unless you order an Email Reading. Your guides are with you and help to direct the Reading.


From a Reading with me you can expect to receive guidance, perspective and spiritual truth about yourself and your life. Loving and helpful wisdom of how to create a life you desire. Spiritual insight and truth about your challenges and karma. A deeper connection to your own intuition. Clarity and empowerment to deal with your challenges. A deeper awareness about what is good for you and what is not good for you; so that you can make positive changes and decisions in your life. Alignment with your higher self and healing. In any area of your life that is important for you. And an increased awareness about the spiritual dimension.


There are some topics/themes/questions I dont read. There are some laws and ethics in healing and spiritual work one must obey.  And there is also privacy and integrity. Those would be questions about death; due to obvious reasons. Private information about other people that does not have anything to do with you and is asked from an Egoistic perspective. When things will happen; because the future is not set in stone and doesnt just happen to you. Anything to do with gamble or trickery. And simply what Spirit wont tell me, sometimes we want to know something but it is not in our highet good to know due to karmic interferance.


You can ask any question you feel is of importance to you, in any area of your life. But you do not need to have any questions. Your guides will help guide the Reading so that you will receive the information which you really need. When we are asking for spiritual guidance we need to ask our questions in a responsible way; that is we do not ask "Can I be happy?, but instead we ask "What can I do to become happy?", and not "When will I find love?" but instead we ask "How can I attract a romantic partner of my desire?" I will help you with formulating the questions. If you book an Email Reading it is very helpful if you describe your questions or what you wish to know. I do not need a lot of information but I need to have a direction and an understanding of what you are looking for so that I can give you a good Reading. That is do not just only write; I want to know about my love life. But tell me exactly what you want to know; Are you looking for love? Are you thinking about breaking up? Are you in a relationship and want to know what you can do to strengthen your relationship?This is for the quality of your Reading. If you book a Video Call through Instagram we will have time to discuss your questions or theme before we start the Reading together.


Reading cards is not about telling the future. That is a common misconception. The goal of a Reading is to empower you in the present moment. That includes also to heal any past traumas and negative influences from the past. Very rarely does information from the future appear in a Reading. It is because it is not in our highest best interest to know all about our future because of the karmic effect it might have on us in the present. Because the purpose of challenges is learning. There are also always several future timelines, the future is not set in stone. When we read the future it is the most possible future timeline we will tune into. There is no need for you to know the future, it is far more important for you to know what you can do in the present moment to create the future you want and desire. What you can do to take your future and life into your own hands and become the true co-creator of your destiny. All your power to change and create lies in the moment, in the Now.